Audivax Reviews – 2022 Is This Supplement Effective For Ear Health? Benefits & Side Effects


Presbycusis, or age-related hearing loss, affects roughly half of all Americans over 75. By the age of 65, one out of every three people has presbycusis, and one out of every two has it by 76. It is the most common sensory deficit in the elderly, causing severe mental health and social issues. Presbycusis is the second most common illness afflicting the elderly after arthritis.

Several inner ears and auditory nerve structures degenerate with age, resulting in bilateral symmetrical age-related hearing loss that is progressive and irreversible. This type of hearing loss has the most significant impact on higher frequencies.

Presbycusis, also known as age-related hearing loss, affects communication and other aspects of a person’s life, causing isolation, loneliness, dependence, and frustration. According to reports, it has a significant negative impact on one’s quality of life.

While presbycusis cannot be reversed, early detection and rehabilitation can help manage the condition to the best of one’s ability. People with presbycusis frequently use cochlear and middle ear implants in cases of severe hearing loss. An early diagnosis or recognition can prevent you from needing surgery.

Contrary to popular belief, natural remedies can help alleviate presbycusis over time. Despite a lack of scientific evidence, empirical evidence suggests that certain Ayurvedic herbs can improve sound wave transmission from the ear to the brain. Taking these powerful herbs daily can save you from a lifetime of communication problems and a poor quality of life.


What Is Audivax?

As previously stated, AudiVax is a nutritional supplement that promotes healthy hearing. According to the official website, the formula uses natural herbal ingredients to combat inflammation, which reduces your body’s ability to process sounds.

AudiVax was allegedly created by Eric Katzenberg, a medical researcher who has been working in the field for over 20 years. Eric claims that he began to lose his hearing at a young age, making it difficult for him to interact with others.

Eric chose alternative medicine over invasive hearing aids or potentially dangerous surgical options to improve his hearing. As a result, he met Sri Chimnoy, a “health guru” who helped him develop AudiVax.

After using AudiVax for a few months, Eric claimed that he experienced a complete recovery. He was able to hear again, but he was able to hear better than ever before. His success motivated him to make AudiVax available to the general public so that others could achieve the same results he did.

How Does Audivax Work?

According to the inventor, a lack of filial cells is the root cause of hearing loss. These cells contribute to your body’s ability to process sounds through your ear. Certain medications can help your body produce these cells, but they are expensive.

AudiVax contains a natural ingredient blend that is said to aid in the production of more of these filial cells, allowing your brain to process sounds more efficiently.

Furthermore, research has found that ear inflammation can impair your brain’s ability to process sounds. AudiVax aids in naturally reducing inflammation in the brain, allowing the brain to process sound waves more efficiently and quickly.

Audivax Benefits

This only necessitates two containers per day and 1/2 cup of water at night, and better outcomes do not occur overnight. Audivaxis is a natural substance that must be consumed for at least three months to be effective.

Audivaxis is entirely composed of organic ingredients that are not only all-natural but also contribute to the overall natural health of the body.

A supplement improves hearing capacity in addition to replanting sensory neurons inside the ear and reducing noise.

The merchandise aids in central nervous system recovery, but it also aids in recollection. The same products have been used to treat memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and Vascular dementia.

Instead of producing toxins, audivaxis regenerates the nervous system and aids in treating harmful symptoms.

Ingredients in the skin are not used to bring up but rather to aid mental clarity and psychological states.

Organically grown additives help to protect but rather repair a genetic code, improve an internal organ, and preserve carbohydrates avoided to ensure infectious diseases.

Sleeplessness refers to the relationship between sleep problems and the performance-enhancing benefits of a good night’s sleep with no noise. Everything relieves stress and allows you to concentrate more intensely.

Ear skin irritation is relieved by a supplement. When someone accepts a compliment, everything starts to work.

Probiotics should be taken twice daily, once in the morning and once at night, with a glass of warm water in between. It is advised to take probiotics regularly.

Audivax Manufacturer

It was created by Eric Katzenberg, a medical researcher who has been working in the field since 2002.

Eric’s hearing began to deteriorate when he was a child. He felt like a burden on society. He struggled to interact with others, and he didn’t want to leave the house any longer.

Eric’s hearing loss was so severe that he couldn’t hold a normal conversation in a coffee shop. One day, Eric was involved in a car accident because he didn’t hear the other driver repeatedly honking.

Eric sought treatment for his hearing loss through Ayurvedic medicine (traditional Indian medicine). “Ayurvedic medicine has always been better than Western medicine at leveraging the natural world,” Eric claims, so he was confident Ayurvedic medicine would have the solution he was looking for.

In India, Eric met a guru named Sri Chimnoy. Sri Chimnoy created a one-of-a-kind formula for Eric.

Eric ground that unique Ayurvedic formula with a mortar and pestle, mixed it with water, and cured his hearing loss problem in just 7 minutes:

“However, something happened at the 7-minute mark. I heard some popping. It felt like a trap door was opening in my right ear… Then came the door in my left ear…”

Eric’s hearing quickly improved to the point where he could hear people speaking 500 yards away (five football fields):

“At that point, I heard the wind rustling through the trees.” In the distance, I can hear people talking. I couldn’t believe it when I heard voices from 500 yards away. This was almost hypnotic…how fast it worked…”

Eric quickly eliminated his severe hearing loss despite having had it for eight years by using a unique Ayurvedic formula.

Eric was motivated by his success to bring the formula back to his home country and sell it to the general public. AudiVax, a product derived from the procedure, is now available to the general public.

Audivax Ingredients

The product contains many ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and herbs. According to Eric, the nine most critical AudiVax components are:


Rhodiola Rosea, a herb that reduces inflammation in the central nervous system, is found in AudiVax. According to Eric, your central nervous system is “what makes hearing happen.” By taking Rhodiola Rosea in AudiVax daily, you can reduce brain waves associated with hearing and prevent the formation of earwax, making it an effective two-step hearing loss ingredient. Rhodiola Rosea has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as a natural stress reliever (also known as an adaptogen).


Ashwagandha is another well-known adaptogen with a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine. According to Eric, the ashwagandha in AudiVax strengthens your eardrums, cancels background noise, and increases filial cell growth associated with hearing, making it the ideal plant for people who suffer from hearing loss.


Chamomile, a plant commonly used in tea, is present in AudiVax. According to Eric, the chamomile in AudiVax will reduce inflammation that affects hearing and inflammation throughout your ear and body. Because of these effects, Eric claims the tea has “massive benefits to the hearing impaired.”

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm extract, another popular calming herb, increases oxygen flow to the eardrums, making it easier to hear. If a lack of oxygen causes your hearing problems, AudiVax’s lemon balm extract may be able to help.


According to Eric, AudiVax contains a skullcap, which boosts filial cells associated with hearing. Skullcap, a native of India, has been used in dozens of studies and hundreds of subjects.


According to Eric, the hawthorn in AudiVax improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. Hearing is dependent on blood flow, and you won’t be able to hear if your ears and inner ear cells aren’t getting enough blood flow. AudiVax uses hawthorn to solve this problem.


Passionflower, which is commonly found in sleep aid supplements and relaxing aids, also has a “remarkable ability to restore hearing,” according to Eric. It allows the hearing cells to rest and relax.


Valerian, another popular sleep aid ingredient, is known for relaxing the body and instilling a sense of calm. The valerian extract in AudiVax is said to act as a sedative for your brain and nervous system, assisting your hearing to become more robust and powerful while also increasing the growth of respectful cells.

Audivax Scientific Evidence

Eric, the creator of AudiVax and an experienced medical researcher, claims to have tested his formula on 10,000 “guinea pigs.” Eric began placing classified ads in local newspapers, searching for people who had hearing loss.

He eventually gathered a group of people who were “clinically deaf.” The group was then given AudiVax, which cured their deafness in seconds.

Eric explains the test results in the following manner:

“…that’s when people started crying and sobbing.” “I hear that,” they said. That is precisely what I heard. “What a miracle!” exclaimed one. “I can hear again,” people said. What exactly was in that concoction? Is it yours to keep? “Of course you can,” I replied.

Eric claims that his formula cured their deafness in a matter of “moments”:

“It was the best day of their lives, they said…

They came running over to give me big hugs. Just a few moments ago, I was being smothered with hugs from people who were clinically deaf…”

Eric’s natural formula enabled people in his test group to stop using hearing aids, avoid sign language, and re-establish relationships with loved ones.

Even though this study was one of the most significant breakthroughs in natural medicine and hearing loss history, Eric did not publish the results in a peer-reviewed journal or disclose any study details online. Eric claims to have cured dozens of clinically deaf people on his own in seconds, but he provides no proof.

Other ingredients in AudiVax may help with hearing in a minor way, but none of them have been shown to cure deafness or correct hearing loss in minutes, as claims.

On the AudiVax references page, Eric cites only two studies as proof that AudiVax works.

Eric, for example, cites a study on chamomile that summarized its relaxing properties. Researchers discovered that chamomile was traditionally used to treat external ear infections in that study. The researchers, however, made no mention of hearing loss, deafness, or filial cells.

Eric also mentioned a WebMD article about lemon balm extract. Lemon balm contains natural chemicals that appear to have sedative and calming effects, according to WebMD. A lemon balm may also inhibit some viruses and bacteria. On the other hand, WebMD makes no mention of lemon balm assisting with deafness or hearing loss.

Overall, there is no evidence that AudiVax, as claimed on, can cure clinical deafness in minutes. However, some of the ingredients in AudiVax may aid in stress relief and relaxation, allowing blood to flow more quickly to your ears. However, these effects are unlikely to improve hearing in deaf or hard-of-hearing people significantly.

Audivax Pros and Cons


  • A performance enhancer can help diagnose both hearing problems and mental retardation.
  • The ramifications appear to be immediate.
  • Significant amounts of antioxidant properties appear to be present.
  • Everything is suitable for a person’s overall health.
  • A product that both relieves stress and promotes restful sleep.
  • There have been no negative or health consequences.
  • Everything tends to assist you in saving a substantial amount of money.


  • Clients in Canada can only purchase the goods through official websites because there are no commercial properties.

Audivax Pricing and Availability


As shown in the table below, Audivax offers three special income discount packs:

A proposal is only available for a limited time because of the limited supply. Take immediate action when people sell out and instead command the best service.

All international orders will incur a $15.95 shipping surcharge. Purchases of 3- and 6-month supplies include free shipping throughout the United States.

  • Send an email to or call +1-844-670-2409 to reach the company behind AudiVax.

Audivax Refund Policy

It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Reimbursement is still valid even if the packet appears to be empty. If customers need assistance, they could contact the customer service team through the official website.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, haven’t seen the desired results, or no longer want AudiVax, you can return your bottles for a full refund within 60 days of use – no questions asked.

Is Audivax Safe? – Potential Side Effects of AudiVax

The supplement provides a money-back guarantee of 60 days. Even if the packet appears empty, reimbursement is still valid. Customers who require assistance could contact the customer service team via the official website.

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, have not seen the desired results, or no longer desire AudiVax, you can return your bottles for a full refund within 60 days of use – no questions asked.

Audivax Dosage and How to Use It

Each bottle of Audi Vax contains half a month’s worth of pills, and the manufacturer suggests taking two capsules per day at any time of day. According to Audi Vax’s creator, all ingredients are natural and unlikely to cause adverse side effects. Audi Vax should not be used by those with preexisting conditions, pregnant or nursing women, or those who are pregnant or nursing, and those who do should always seek the advice of a health care provider. It is also best to avoid certain lifestyle habits while using Audi Vax pills, such as excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.

Audivax Results

Some nutritional supplements improve hearing or promote healthy ear inflammation when taken daily. AudiVax, on the other hand, claims to enhance your hearing immediately – even if you have severe hearing loss like Eric, the formula’s creator.

Here’s what Eric says you can expect soon after taking AudiVax:

  • Everything can be understood by watching movies.
  • Entire conversations can be held without interruption.
  • There will be sounds of trees and air.
  • Because “everyone will want to know your secret,” you’ll “become a celebrity among the deaf.”
  • Eric claims to have experienced all of the above benefits within seven minutes of taking AudiVax. He believes that others can as well.

What Is Audivax Used for?

We are entirely influenced by clearly audible sounds, noise pollution, and many other atrocities. It is challenging to combat anxiety, neuro agony, and cerebrum damage. We continue to consume unhealthy foods, which weakens our immune systems.

As a result, we need enhancements like AudiVax USA, AU, NZ, CA, UK, IN, and FR to help with illness relief in these primary drivers.

It is so common and significant that anyone can take it without worrying about the adverse side effects that many compound medications cause.

It eliminates ringing by treating the underlying cause of the infection and resolving human anxiety and sensory system issues.

Audivax FAQs

Can Anyone Use Audivax?

It is entirely safe for adults on any medication because its natural ingredients do not interact with other medicines. It is not appropriate for children.

It’s worth noting that there haven’t been any reports of the supplement causing problems when combined with other medications. However, it’s always a good idea to do your research and consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

Is Audivax Safe to Take?

Absolutely! AudiVax was created to be an effective hearing loss treatment and to be safe. As a result, there have been no reported side effects while using this product.

How to Take Audivax?

Each Audi Vax bottle contains half a month’s worth of pills. The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules daily, at any time of day.

Who Shouldn’t Use Audivax?

According to the creator of Audi Vax, all ingredients are natural and unlikely to cause adverse side effects. Those with preexisting conditions and those who are pregnant or nursing should not use Audi Vax, and those who do should always seek the advice of a health care provider. While using Audi Vax pills, it is also best to avoid certain lifestyle habits such as excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.

Does AudiVax Provide any Refund Policy?

It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you don’t notice an improvement in your hearing loss within minutes of taking AudiVax, or if you’re dissatisfied with Eric’s formula, you’re entitled to a full refund, minus shipping costs.

Audivax Conclusion

It is a hearing loss supplement marketed to deaf or hard-of-hearing people.

If taken daily, AudiVax is said to heal hearing loss in minutes. According to Eric, the formula’s creator, AudiVax has cured clinical deafness in dozens of people, restoring their hearing in minutes.

The supplement is undeniably effective due to the 60-day money-back guarantee and the extensive research that the company backs up.

Its all-natural formula appears to have a lot of potential for improving hearing loss.

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