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SEO and The Impact of Taking Advantage of what now the Second Largest Search Engine: YouTube.com

Many people feel surprised to know that the second largest search engine is none but YouTube. Thousands of videos are posted there everyday and hence it has opened a new world of opportunities to the search engine marketers. It has also got a huge potential as far as SEO work is considered since every comment posted there helps the website to reach to the top of the search engines like Google.

A major advantage of YouTube is that it offers real time search for the comments which are posted on the site. The search result pages will show the comments as they get updated on a continuous basis. The search result pages will also show the topics which are trending now. So, one can get an idea of the hottest and the most searched topics on the search engine now.

This real time search is popularly known as Comments Search and it is a very effective way to market the website in the web. This will help you to make a steady fan base and post comments on the videos of other people and make their way to the search page. Getting comments on your product will definitely increase your market presence in the web since it is the biggest online video website in the world. The comments while being posted will allow your keywords being used and that will definitely help you in getting higher rank in search engine optimization. People who have subscribed to the RSS feeds will get to know the latest comments and discussion on the website and it will definitely increase your numbers of visitors to your website in the long run.

To begin with, you will have to post a short video clip of your business in YouTube and you may start writing comments on videos which you may feel to be quite interesting and is considered to be more or less similar to your nature of business. While writing a comment, keep in mind to write it in a witty and interesting manner. You can write comments with ease since it is not considered to be a spam in the industry. It is basically an effort to involve people with similar interests and make them a part of your business or social circle.

Just like other search engines, YouTube has got a search algorithm which considers the following factors while doing the optimization. These are title, description, tags, number of views and rating. All the above parameters can be manipulated by the video owner and also by the audience who are sharing the video. This will help placement in both YouTube search listings and it is going to be carried over to Google’s own blended search listings.

You can get good viewership if you can put a How-To video which can be a very useful tool for viral marketing and also SEO purposes. By properly using the YouTube you can improve your fan base in the web world and your website may see a steady increase in visitors and your business may be flooded with more orders.