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View Your Website in the Eye of a Search Spider

Everybody tries their level best to optimize their website so that they get the maximum traffic and increase their earnings. But one must be careful enough to see that their efforts are showing fruitful results in the eye of the search engines. If the search engines are satisfied with their level of efforts, then they will start sending tons of traffic to the website.

So, while doing the SEO work, one must know what do search engine spiders prefer. All search engine spiders follow the same principle of operation. They generally crawl the index pages of the websites and then analyze them later on using various algorithms. Based on those readings they determine the ranking and the relevancy of the website and rank them accordingly.

First of all, search engine spiders are considered as robots and they are unable to read the pages just like a human being. The spiders are more or less blind to stuff like Flash or Javascript. So, it will be a mistake to have any Flash or Javascript in the index page as the main keywords will get suppressed under the animations. If there are flash and images in the index page, it will appear blank to the search engines.

Web spiders are simply a piece of text and they do not understand anything which is not a text. So, if the website has wonderful images along with the text, the web spider will completely ignore it. A good solution to this is to add a good, short description of the image in the ALT attribute of the IMG tag. One must be careful in seeing that too many keywords are not used there because Google will punish you for keyword stuffing. The ALT text can be used for describing a FLASH movie, but please be careful of not crossing the line of over optimization.

The search engine spider also sees whether the hyperlinks are leading to the proper place. Be careful of the link exchange websites as they can put fake links on the website with javascript and the spider will be unable to detect such links. The webmaster must use the <noscript> tag but not the _javascript one. It is also recommended to have less than 100 hyperlinks in a page.

The pages showing 404 forbidden or 404 pages not found must be removed, since those errors make the spider unable in accessing the page. It is also necessary to see that the target of the link is in proper place.

Placing of the keyword at the right place is very important to the spider to detect the page. It is always advisable to place the keyword in the first paragraph of the article rather than on the top. If the keyword is placed on the top, it is not necessary that the spider will detect it.

Web spiders also prefer to avoid dynamic pages, though some search engines prefer to index dynamic pages as well. Meta keywords and Meta descriptions are there, but search engines prefer to avoid those things and they have lost their relevance in today’s world.