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How to Achieve High Google Rankings

We all know that it is the dream of every Internet marketer to get their website ranked on the first page of Google. If a website is on the first page of Google, it is expected to get more visitors and naturally, the website is then expected to do more business. Experts say that getting on the first page of Google is not a very difficult process and one can achieve it by following some simple steps.
Search engine Google prefers to see the title tags very much. One must place the keyword phrase in the title tags and if one can do that carefully, your chances of getting ranked on page one of Google gets skyrocketed to a great extent. Secondly, it is better to place the keyword phrase in the [h1] tag which is placed at the top of the page. If anyone goes through the websites that are in the first page of Google, it can be seen that they have placed their keyword phrase in between the [h1] tags.

Most websites are found to have images or graphics in the website. In such cases, it is advisable to use the [alt] and [title] tag in the images. The keyword phrase can be placed in both these tags and that will definitely help in improving the Google ranking of the website.

The keyword density is also very important in getting your page ranked on Google. You must use a keyword maximum four to five times in the article. The keyword must be placed naturally so that the flow of content looks natural and smooth flowing. If the length of the article is long, keep in mind to use the keyword at a density of 1%- 3%.   Keyword density in the domain name you choose is also a key factor is high search rankings.
Google loves to see their sitemap installed in the website. If a sitemap is installed in your website, the crawler will find it easier to crawl through the index pages of your website. It is also better to include a privacy statement page just to make them feel that it is a genuine website.

Regular update of content is another important factor in getting high page rank in Google.

There has to be fresh update of content and there should be a balance between new content and the aging pages. If it is a news website, it is better to update the content of the index page multiple times a day. If they can update their content on a balanced tone, the website is bound to get good page ranking on Google.

Having a large number of backlinks is another important factor in getting high page rank in Google. You must ensure that you have got a large number of backlinks to your website. It means that more and more weblinks getting pointed towards your website from the other ones.

Anchor text for inbound links is also one of the most important factors in getting higher page results in Google. The more other websites have linked with you by an anchor text with the help of a specific keyword, the more is the chance of getting higher page rank in Google. Search engines also see how many people have bookmarked the website or how much time visitors are spending in a website. Considering all these factors they give a good page ranking to the website.

Search engines also consider the age of the website before giving it a good page ranking.  So, if you have started a new website, give some time before Google gives it a good page ranking. As the website grows older in age, it is expected to have higher page ranking and more visitors in the long run.