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Google Instant Search and It’s Role in SEO

In the last month, Google launched a new feature in their search which has been termed as Google Instant. It is considered to be a more advanced form of search which has made the search for queries much faster by the users. When a user searches for a particular item, it shows the predicted search items in the given drop down box there and it is found to be located only under the search box. By using this method, users are expected to save four to five seconds in every search. Users can read more and type less in this method and hence the process has been proven to be much faster.

With the implementation of this method, SEO people were really worried over the fact that whether the concept of SEO is dead. There are two schools of thought on this. One school feels that SEO is dead and another school is of the opinion that concept of SEO is not dead as it will only have to adopt a new strategy to survive under the new technology.
There has been some impact of this new technology on SEO related work.

First of all, the Clickthrough rates (CTR) have undergone major changes. The first and the second rank in the search have improved in value to a great extent and it has happened at the cost of third and fourth ranks. The new SEO strategy must be able to adjust itself to such changes.

Generally, the users go through the meta descriptions and webmasters always prefer mentioning the calls to action within the descriptions. Under the new system, one must place the call to action in the title tag as the users will not have enough time in seeing the descriptions. The long tail searches have also been affected and users are clicking on the suggested sites. After the introduction of the new system, there has been an increase in organic traffic by 5% and decrease in keyword variety rating by 15%. There are many key phrases which are not delivering traffic after introduction of Google Instant.

Some people are also of the opinion that due to Google Instant, users are now getting a different web and optimizing it is becoming quite impossible. There is a change in real time feedback and a massive change has been noticed in the search behavior of the people. Google has also mentioned that there can be traffic fluctuations centering the organic keywords.

It is also suggested that the click-through-rate for organic listings will become very important as the users will be able to see more search results in every session. Content needs to be very relevant as that will help to target the queries will help to drive greater traffic.

The Golden Triangle theory will also become obsolete as eye movement of the user on the search result pages will no longer be valid. This concept will now change a bit as the users’ will now go through the listings, query field and universal search entries. So, in a nutshell, it seems that the concept of SEO is not dead. One must know the changes of doing better SEO under the new system.