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Age of Domain and Impact on SEO

Many people are surprised to know that age of a domain name plays a very important role in SEO activities of the website. If the age of the domain name is quite an old one, Google gives it a good ranking in their search pages and the website is expected to get tons of visitors from the website. From the age of the domain name, Google analyzes that whether it is a soon to die website or it is expected to go well in the long run. An old domain name is always in the higher relevancy level in Google and it is bound to get more importance than the relatively new domain names. Expert SEO’s know this fact quite well.
In our daily life also, people tend to rely on a business or a brand that is going on for years and they prefer to rely less on a brand that is relatively new in the market. The same is true in the case when any search engine gives page rank to a particular domain.

Google search engine also gives lot of importance to the length of the domain name for the time the domain has been registered. Some domains are registered for one year, while some are registered for five or seven years. Google sees these factors while evaluating the website. They feel that if a domain has been booked for ten years, it implies the website has got long term plans to stay in the market. Accordingly Google gives a higher page rank to the domain in the search engine.

Google has mentioned this in their latest update, which the SEO’s are mentioning as Jagger Update. In this update, it has been clearly mentioned that lot of importance will be given to age. Here the word age has a wider aspect. It can be the age of the incoming links or may be the age of the web content.

Whenever a new website is created, Google gives it a three to four months waiting period time. During this time, the website is not given any page rank by Google. SEO’s have named this a sandbox effect. Google simply wants to verify whether these websites are serious about staying on the web in the long run. It is said that Google throws all the new websites in a sandbox and see them playing together. They just wait and see which of these websites can grow up on their own and speak. After they are grown up, they are seen with the adults or to say grown up websites.

During your sandbox days, there is no reason to get worried since you can promote the website using some alternative methods. You can promote the website using pay-per-click advertising, article directories, RSS feeds and in many other ways. It is also advisable to do such activities during this sandbox period so that when Google assigns you the domain a page rank, you can get a higher one.

While buying a domain, you must see the age of it and go for it only if it at least some month’s old. In that case, it is expected to get a good page rank once regular content is being updated on the domain. One can start getting good traffic quite at ease by getting such domains which are a few month’s old. Age of the domain is becoming a very important factor in the SEO of the website.