How to get traffic from Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites and it gets millions of traffic every day. A website owner always wants to get more traffic as it is the most important part of doing a web business. What has made Twitter immensely popular among the users is that it is very simple to use. What has made twitter even more attractive to the webmasters is that one can get tons of traffic from twitter to their website and increase the page rankings in different search engines. In order to achieve this, one must know the techniques properly.

Before using twitter, one must know that it is basically a micro blogging platform and there are restrictions imposed on the numbers of characters in a particular message. Hence the messages composed must be specific and to the point. One can get good amount of traffic from twitter if one follow the following steps quite carefully.

1)      One must make the profile and username quite interesting and appealing as the visitor will first see your username and profile. If he or she find that interesting, she is definitely going to enter your page and look around for your interests. It is also important to make the bio interesting in short.

2)      It is very much essential to pick up a username which is targeted towards the niche. If you are trying to promote a particular website, it is advisable to make a username which is close to the name of the website to which you are planning to draw the traffic. In that case, the users may feel interested to the username and enter the website.

3)      Another very important trick is to put up a link of the website in your bio or the profile. Most of the tweeter users are not SEO experts and hence they always forget to do this particular trick. Your friends and associates will see the website link in your profile and then can feel interested in entering the website.

4)      You can send mass requests to all your friends, co-workers and neighbors and ask them to add you as a friend in their twitter profile. It will have a positive impact on your SEO job if you can increase the number of followers in your twitter account.

5)      To increase the number of followers you must find people on the web with similar interests. General statistics show that 1 to 2% of the twitter followers will visit their website every day. Hence if you have 2000 followers, you can expect to get 20 to 40 visitors every day. This will go on increasing if you can increase the number of followers in your twitter account.

6)      If you are more active in your twitter account, then your followers will find more interest in you and hence they will start visiting your website. Hence the best way is to visit your twitter account regularly and socialize. You can post a link to your interesting update in your blog or website. You can also make interesting posts in your profile to make your followers feel that your profile is an interesting one.

7)      Another very interesting tool of twitter is their twitter feed and it helps a lot to enhance your reach to more people. The search function of twitter is also very useful and it shows real time results. People are crazy for hot and current news and this makes the users search for current news. Due to this reason, it has reported by some bloggers that they are getting more traffic from twitter than Google.

8)      You can start a discussion on a hot topic in your website in your tweeter account and make your followers more participative in the process. If you can keep a regular interaction with your followers, you can end up having a regular stream of visitors to your blog or website.

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