How to Create a Facebook Fan Page that Attracts Millions of Fans

A large number of companies these days prefer to create their own Facebook fan page. Fan pages have become an integral part of social media campaign. It is used to provide pertinent information to the consumers so that they can build a connection with the brand. If you are also eager to promote your company, product, or services then go through the following steps for a step by step guide to draw millions of fans to your Facebook fan page.
Choose a compelling and attractive name for your Fanpage:

This is one of the most crucial parts in this procedure, since it gives the people a clear idea about your products or services you are promoting.  It is advisable to use the company name, or effective keywords, or a combination of both.

Upload a suitable profile picture

This is the first thing that will catch the eyes of the facebook users. One must check that the profile picture makes a lasting impression upon the users mind. If it is a business fan page, try to include a logo into the profile picture. If you post an employee of the month photo, or upload a picture that speaks about to your industry, it will have a great impact on the users who likes your fan page.
Fill out Fanpage profile info

You need update your company details, like its address, bio, website links, etc. This is a very important part of setting up the facebook fan page because this is how the users will get to know about your company.

Fill in the ‘Write something about yourself’ section

Most of the people just overlook this step. You will find it to the left and below the profile picture. It’s best to write in a short narration regarding what your company does and don’t forget to include your website address in that section. You must include www. or http:// before the web address so that the users can be easily directed to your website.

Suggest the page to all of your friends

On the top left side of your Fanpage you will see an option “Suggest To Friends” which is located beneath the profile picture. This is the option that lets you recommend your fanpage to all your Facebook contacts. It is an easy way to increase the number of your Fanpage users. Once you complete the profile information start growing your fan base this way.

Create a custom URL

Once your fan base makes more than 25, you will be able to set up your custom Facebook URL. In this procedure you need to be very careful while choosing the URL since this cannot be modified later.

Build a photo gallery

In Fanpage you have the option to upload plenty of photos. This facility helps to show users who you are, what your type of business, or anything else you are willing to display to the Facebook world regarding about your company. You can upload the photos of the staffs, various industry events, or product etc.

Once you are finished creating your Facebook fanpage, start sending “updates to fans”.  It’s a wonderful way to make a database of interested users. This enables sending messages regarding new products, updated website, or anything else at anytime.

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