Google’s New Social Search

The social search from Google is a new phenomenon and it is very much helpful to the user who is very much interested in searching some content or contact from his social circle.   The basic idea behind it is that the content from a known contact can be more relevant than the content provided by a stranger. You can read a movie review written by an expert, but if you get the review from your best friend, obviously it will be more convincing for you.

After you get signed into Google, you can see social search results for different searches. It is located at the bottom of the page under the heading “results from people in your social circle.” Social search will make your search more personalized. It will show any article or comments made by any of your contacts on the subject which you are searching in Google.

People in your social circle can come from a wide variety of sources. It can be from your Gtalk chat list or your friends or family or coworkers in the Google contacts. You can have a large list of contacts through other social networking sites like FriendFeed or Twitter. You can also include contacts from your Google Buzz stream. You can also get the people you are following in Google Reader and Google Buzz. You may have got a friend in twitter whom in turn has got 50 contacts there. You will be surprised to know that those 50 people will also be added in your contact list. These connections will be known as your secondary connections and the people whom you know personally will be referred as your direct connections. You can get the details of these in your social circle page.

If you are looking for Google social search for a particular subject, you will get content of different varieties. They can be for instance blogposts, tweets and updates of status on different microblogging platforms, reviews, public picasa and Flickr images. You can also get content from other activities of your different contacts in other places which they may have linked to their facebook or tweeter accounts.

When you are planning to use Google social search, you will have to create your own Google profile first and then add different links of your public profile on twitter, FriendFeed, YouTube, Linkedin, Flickr. Google will then identify different algorithms to use the mentioned links and outline the relationship graph. Then they will identify the different content from the online neighborhood and make it ready for you for the next time when you will make a search.

Google Social Search is really a wonderful feature from Google and it is very much useful to the users. Varieties of information on different subjects are available on the Internet, but a user feels the information to be more reliable if the information is obtained from some of its closest circles. Reliability of information is another important factor of Google Social Search and for this reason, many people prefer to use this service introduced by Google.

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