How to get traffic from Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites and it gets millions of traffic every day. A website owner always wants to get more traffic as it is the most important part of doing a web business. What has made Twitter immensely popular among the users is that it is very simple to use. What has made twitter even more attractive to the webmasters is that one can get tons of traffic from twitter to their website and increase the page rankings in different search engines. In order to achieve this, one must know the techniques properly.

Before using twitter, one must know that it is basically a micro blogging platform and there are restrictions imposed on the numbers of characters in a particular message. Hence the messages composed must be specific and to the point. One can get good amount of traffic from twitter if one follow the following steps quite carefully.

1)      One must make the profile and username quite interesting and appealing as the visitor will first see your username and profile. If he or she find that interesting, she is definitely going to enter your page and look around for your interests. It is also important to make the bio interesting in short.

2)      It is very much essential to pick up a username which is targeted towards the niche. If you are trying to promote a particular website, it is advisable to make a username which is close to the name of the website to which you are planning to draw the traffic. In that case, the users may feel interested to the username and enter the website.

3)      Another very important trick is to put up a link of the website in your bio or the profile. Most of the tweeter users are not SEO experts and hence they always forget to do this particular trick. Your friends and associates will see the website link in your profile and then can feel interested in entering the website.

4)      You can send mass requests to all your friends, co-workers and neighbors and ask them to add you as a friend in their twitter profile. It will have a positive impact on your SEO job if you can increase the number of followers in your twitter account.

5)      To increase the number of followers you must find people on the web with similar interests. General statistics show that 1 to 2% of the twitter followers will visit their website every day. Hence if you have 2000 followers, you can expect to get 20 to 40 visitors every day. This will go on increasing if you can increase the number of followers in your twitter account.

6)      If you are more active in your twitter account, then your followers will find more interest in you and hence they will start visiting your website. Hence the best way is to visit your twitter account regularly and socialize. You can post a link to your interesting update in your blog or website. You can also make interesting posts in your profile to make your followers feel that your profile is an interesting one.

7)      Another very interesting tool of twitter is their twitter feed and it helps a lot to enhance your reach to more people. The search function of twitter is also very useful and it shows real time results. People are crazy for hot and current news and this makes the users search for current news. Due to this reason, it has reported by some bloggers that they are getting more traffic from twitter than Google.

8)      You can start a discussion on a hot topic in your website in your tweeter account and make your followers more participative in the process. If you can keep a regular interaction with your followers, you can end up having a regular stream of visitors to your blog or website.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page that Attracts Millions of Fans

A large number of companies these days prefer to create their own Facebook fan page. Fan pages have become an integral part of social media campaign. It is used to provide pertinent information to the consumers so that they can build a connection with the brand. If you are also eager to promote your company, product, or services then go through the following steps for a step by step guide to draw millions of fans to your Facebook fan page.
Choose a compelling and attractive name for your Fanpage:

This is one of the most crucial parts in this procedure, since it gives the people a clear idea about your products or services you are promoting.  It is advisable to use the company name, or effective keywords, or a combination of both.

Upload a suitable profile picture

This is the first thing that will catch the eyes of the facebook users. One must check that the profile picture makes a lasting impression upon the users mind. If it is a business fan page, try to include a logo into the profile picture. If you post an employee of the month photo, or upload a picture that speaks about to your industry, it will have a great impact on the users who likes your fan page.
Fill out Fanpage profile info

You need update your company details, like its address, bio, website links, etc. This is a very important part of setting up the facebook fan page because this is how the users will get to know about your company.

Fill in the ‘Write something about yourself’ section

Most of the people just overlook this step. You will find it to the left and below the profile picture. It’s best to write in a short narration regarding what your company does and don’t forget to include your website address in that section. You must include www. or http:// before the web address so that the users can be easily directed to your website.

Suggest the page to all of your friends

On the top left side of your Fanpage you will see an option “Suggest To Friends” which is located beneath the profile picture. This is the option that lets you recommend your fanpage to all your Facebook contacts. It is an easy way to increase the number of your Fanpage users. Once you complete the profile information start growing your fan base this way.

Create a custom URL

Once your fan base makes more than 25, you will be able to set up your custom Facebook URL. In this procedure you need to be very careful while choosing the URL since this cannot be modified later.

Build a photo gallery

In Fanpage you have the option to upload plenty of photos. This facility helps to show users who you are, what your type of business, or anything else you are willing to display to the Facebook world regarding about your company. You can upload the photos of the staffs, various industry events, or product etc.

Once you are finished creating your Facebook fanpage, start sending “updates to fans”.  It’s a wonderful way to make a database of interested users. This enables sending messages regarding new products, updated website, or anything else at anytime.

How to Achieve High Google Rankings

We all know that it is the dream of every Internet marketer to get their website ranked on the first page of Google. If a website is on the first page of Google, it is expected to get more visitors and naturally, the website is then expected to do more business. Experts say that getting on the first page of Google is not a very difficult process and one can achieve it by following some simple steps.
Search engine Google prefers to see the title tags very much. One must place the keyword phrase in the title tags and if one can do that carefully, your chances of getting ranked on page one of Google gets skyrocketed to a great extent. Secondly, it is better to place the keyword phrase in the [h1] tag which is placed at the top of the page. If anyone goes through the websites that are in the first page of Google, it can be seen that they have placed their keyword phrase in between the [h1] tags.

Most websites are found to have images or graphics in the website. In such cases, it is advisable to use the [alt] and [title] tag in the images. The keyword phrase can be placed in both these tags and that will definitely help in improving the Google ranking of the website.

The keyword density is also very important in getting your page ranked on Google. You must use a keyword maximum four to five times in the article. The keyword must be placed naturally so that the flow of content looks natural and smooth flowing. If the length of the article is long, keep in mind to use the keyword at a density of 1%- 3%.   Keyword density in the domain name you choose is also a key factor is high search rankings.
Google loves to see their sitemap installed in the website. If a sitemap is installed in your website, the crawler will find it easier to crawl through the index pages of your website. It is also better to include a privacy statement page just to make them feel that it is a genuine website.

Regular update of content is another important factor in getting high page rank in Google.

There has to be fresh update of content and there should be a balance between new content and the aging pages. If it is a news website, it is better to update the content of the index page multiple times a day. If they can update their content on a balanced tone, the website is bound to get good page ranking on Google.

Having a large number of backlinks is another important factor in getting high page rank in Google. You must ensure that you have got a large number of backlinks to your website. It means that more and more weblinks getting pointed towards your website from the other ones.

Anchor text for inbound links is also one of the most important factors in getting higher page results in Google. The more other websites have linked with you by an anchor text with the help of a specific keyword, the more is the chance of getting higher page rank in Google. Search engines also see how many people have bookmarked the website or how much time visitors are spending in a website. Considering all these factors they give a good page ranking to the website.

Search engines also consider the age of the website before giving it a good page ranking.  So, if you have started a new website, give some time before Google gives it a good page ranking. As the website grows older in age, it is expected to have higher page ranking and more visitors in the long run.

Google’s New Social Search

The social search from Google is a new phenomenon and it is very much helpful to the user who is very much interested in searching some content or contact from his social circle.   The basic idea behind it is that the content from a known contact can be more relevant than the content provided by a stranger. You can read a movie review written by an expert, but if you get the review from your best friend, obviously it will be more convincing for you.

After you get signed into Google, you can see social search results for different searches. It is located at the bottom of the page under the heading “results from people in your social circle.” Social search will make your search more personalized. It will show any article or comments made by any of your contacts on the subject which you are searching in Google.

People in your social circle can come from a wide variety of sources. It can be from your Gtalk chat list or your friends or family or coworkers in the Google contacts. You can have a large list of contacts through other social networking sites like FriendFeed or Twitter. You can also include contacts from your Google Buzz stream. You can also get the people you are following in Google Reader and Google Buzz. You may have got a friend in twitter whom in turn has got 50 contacts there. You will be surprised to know that those 50 people will also be added in your contact list. These connections will be known as your secondary connections and the people whom you know personally will be referred as your direct connections. You can get the details of these in your social circle page.

If you are looking for Google social search for a particular subject, you will get content of different varieties. They can be for instance blogposts, tweets and updates of status on different microblogging platforms, reviews, public picasa and Flickr images. You can also get content from other activities of your different contacts in other places which they may have linked to their facebook or tweeter accounts.

When you are planning to use Google social search, you will have to create your own Google profile first and then add different links of your public profile on twitter, FriendFeed, YouTube, Linkedin, Flickr. Google will then identify different algorithms to use the mentioned links and outline the relationship graph. Then they will identify the different content from the online neighborhood and make it ready for you for the next time when you will make a search.

Google Social Search is really a wonderful feature from Google and it is very much useful to the users. Varieties of information on different subjects are available on the Internet, but a user feels the information to be more reliable if the information is obtained from some of its closest circles. Reliability of information is another important factor of Google Social Search and for this reason, many people prefer to use this service introduced by Google.

View Your Website in the Eye of a Search Spider

Everybody tries their level best to optimize their website so that they get the maximum traffic and increase their earnings. But one must be careful enough to see that their efforts are showing fruitful results in the eye of the search engines. If the search engines are satisfied with their level of efforts, then they will start sending tons of traffic to the website.

So, while doing the SEO work, one must know what do search engine spiders prefer. All search engine spiders follow the same principle of operation. They generally crawl the index pages of the websites and then analyze them later on using various algorithms. Based on those readings they determine the ranking and the relevancy of the website and rank them accordingly.

First of all, search engine spiders are considered as robots and they are unable to read the pages just like a human being. The spiders are more or less blind to stuff like Flash or Javascript. So, it will be a mistake to have any Flash or Javascript in the index page as the main keywords will get suppressed under the animations. If there are flash and images in the index page, it will appear blank to the search engines.

Web spiders are simply a piece of text and they do not understand anything which is not a text. So, if the website has wonderful images along with the text, the web spider will completely ignore it. A good solution to this is to add a good, short description of the image in the ALT attribute of the IMG tag. One must be careful in seeing that too many keywords are not used there because Google will punish you for keyword stuffing. The ALT text can be used for describing a FLASH movie, but please be careful of not crossing the line of over optimization.

The search engine spider also sees whether the hyperlinks are leading to the proper place. Be careful of the link exchange websites as they can put fake links on the website with javascript and the spider will be unable to detect such links. The webmaster must use the <noscript> tag but not the _javascript one. It is also recommended to have less than 100 hyperlinks in a page.

The pages showing 404 forbidden or 404 pages not found must be removed, since those errors make the spider unable in accessing the page. It is also necessary to see that the target of the link is in proper place.

Placing of the keyword at the right place is very important to the spider to detect the page. It is always advisable to place the keyword in the first paragraph of the article rather than on the top. If the keyword is placed on the top, it is not necessary that the spider will detect it.

Web spiders also prefer to avoid dynamic pages, though some search engines prefer to index dynamic pages as well. Meta keywords and Meta descriptions are there, but search engines prefer to avoid those things and they have lost their relevance in today’s world.

SEO and The Impact of Taking Advantage of what now the Second Largest Search Engine:

Many people feel surprised to know that the second largest search engine is none but YouTube. Thousands of videos are posted there everyday and hence it has opened a new world of opportunities to the search engine marketers. It has also got a huge potential as far as SEO work is considered since every comment posted there helps the website to reach to the top of the search engines like Google.

A major advantage of YouTube is that it offers real time search for the comments which are posted on the site. The search result pages will show the comments as they get updated on a continuous basis. The search result pages will also show the topics which are trending now. So, one can get an idea of the hottest and the most searched topics on the search engine now.

This real time search is popularly known as Comments Search and it is a very effective way to market the website in the web. This will help you to make a steady fan base and post comments on the videos of other people and make their way to the search page. Getting comments on your product will definitely increase your market presence in the web since it is the biggest online video website in the world. The comments while being posted will allow your keywords being used and that will definitely help you in getting higher rank in search engine optimization. People who have subscribed to the RSS feeds will get to know the latest comments and discussion on the website and it will definitely increase your numbers of visitors to your website in the long run.

To begin with, you will have to post a short video clip of your business in YouTube and you may start writing comments on videos which you may feel to be quite interesting and is considered to be more or less similar to your nature of business. While writing a comment, keep in mind to write it in a witty and interesting manner. You can write comments with ease since it is not considered to be a spam in the industry. It is basically an effort to involve people with similar interests and make them a part of your business or social circle.

Just like other search engines, YouTube has got a search algorithm which considers the following factors while doing the optimization. These are title, description, tags, number of views and rating. All the above parameters can be manipulated by the video owner and also by the audience who are sharing the video. This will help placement in both YouTube search listings and it is going to be carried over to Google’s own blended search listings.

You can get good viewership if you can put a How-To video which can be a very useful tool for viral marketing and also SEO purposes. By properly using the YouTube you can improve your fan base in the web world and your website may see a steady increase in visitors and your business may be flooded with more orders.

Google Instant Search and It’s Role in SEO

In the last month, Google launched a new feature in their search which has been termed as Google Instant. It is considered to be a more advanced form of search which has made the search for queries much faster by the users. When a user searches for a particular item, it shows the predicted search items in the given drop down box there and it is found to be located only under the search box. By using this method, users are expected to save four to five seconds in every search. Users can read more and type less in this method and hence the process has been proven to be much faster.

With the implementation of this method, SEO people were really worried over the fact that whether the concept of SEO is dead. There are two schools of thought on this. One school feels that SEO is dead and another school is of the opinion that concept of SEO is not dead as it will only have to adopt a new strategy to survive under the new technology.
There has been some impact of this new technology on SEO related work.

First of all, the Clickthrough rates (CTR) have undergone major changes. The first and the second rank in the search have improved in value to a great extent and it has happened at the cost of third and fourth ranks. The new SEO strategy must be able to adjust itself to such changes.

Generally, the users go through the meta descriptions and webmasters always prefer mentioning the calls to action within the descriptions. Under the new system, one must place the call to action in the title tag as the users will not have enough time in seeing the descriptions. The long tail searches have also been affected and users are clicking on the suggested sites. After the introduction of the new system, there has been an increase in organic traffic by 5% and decrease in keyword variety rating by 15%. There are many key phrases which are not delivering traffic after introduction of Google Instant.

Some people are also of the opinion that due to Google Instant, users are now getting a different web and optimizing it is becoming quite impossible. There is a change in real time feedback and a massive change has been noticed in the search behavior of the people. Google has also mentioned that there can be traffic fluctuations centering the organic keywords.

It is also suggested that the click-through-rate for organic listings will become very important as the users will be able to see more search results in every session. Content needs to be very relevant as that will help to target the queries will help to drive greater traffic.

The Golden Triangle theory will also become obsolete as eye movement of the user on the search result pages will no longer be valid. This concept will now change a bit as the users’ will now go through the listings, query field and universal search entries. So, in a nutshell, it seems that the concept of SEO is not dead. One must know the changes of doing better SEO under the new system.

Age of Domain and Impact on SEO

Many people are surprised to know that age of a domain name plays a very important role in SEO activities of the website. If the age of the domain name is quite an old one, Google gives it a good ranking in their search pages and the website is expected to get tons of visitors from the website. From the age of the domain name, Google analyzes that whether it is a soon to die website or it is expected to go well in the long run. An old domain name is always in the higher relevancy level in Google and it is bound to get more importance than the relatively new domain names. Expert SEO’s know this fact quite well.
In our daily life also, people tend to rely on a business or a brand that is going on for years and they prefer to rely less on a brand that is relatively new in the market. The same is true in the case when any search engine gives page rank to a particular domain.

Google search engine also gives lot of importance to the length of the domain name for the time the domain has been registered. Some domains are registered for one year, while some are registered for five or seven years. Google sees these factors while evaluating the website. They feel that if a domain has been booked for ten years, it implies the website has got long term plans to stay in the market. Accordingly Google gives a higher page rank to the domain in the search engine.

Google has mentioned this in their latest update, which the SEO’s are mentioning as Jagger Update. In this update, it has been clearly mentioned that lot of importance will be given to age. Here the word age has a wider aspect. It can be the age of the incoming links or may be the age of the web content.

Whenever a new website is created, Google gives it a three to four months waiting period time. During this time, the website is not given any page rank by Google. SEO’s have named this a sandbox effect. Google simply wants to verify whether these websites are serious about staying on the web in the long run. It is said that Google throws all the new websites in a sandbox and see them playing together. They just wait and see which of these websites can grow up on their own and speak. After they are grown up, they are seen with the adults or to say grown up websites.

During your sandbox days, there is no reason to get worried since you can promote the website using some alternative methods. You can promote the website using pay-per-click advertising, article directories, RSS feeds and in many other ways. It is also advisable to do such activities during this sandbox period so that when Google assigns you the domain a page rank, you can get a higher one.

While buying a domain, you must see the age of it and go for it only if it at least some month’s old. In that case, it is expected to get a good page rank once regular content is being updated on the domain. One can start getting good traffic quite at ease by getting such domains which are a few month’s old. Age of the domain is becoming a very important factor in the SEO of the website.